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Neck and Back Massage

A back and neck massage is a short treatment and the session is about 30-40 minutes long.   The pressure of the massage will differ, although the therapist will use a light to medium touch unless the client requests for a deeper pressure. A professional therapist will be able to adapt to a massage to suit every individual experience.

What happens during the Neck and Back Massage?

In a back and neck massage, there are times when the back will be smoothed before using a body brush, rough mitt or exfoliating scrub to remove dead skin cells and to stimulate lymph circulation to help the body’s natural detoxifying process.

Your spa therapist will ask you what kind of pressure you want and will begin to work on a stiff back or neck.  This treatment includes a wholesome head massage, which is bliss.

What Is Neck and Back Massage Is Ideal For?

  • Reducing stress and muscular tension
  • Removing dead skin on your back
  • Hydrating and nourishing dry skin
  • Improving circulation, muscle tone and boosting lymph to help detoxification


Duration: 45 minutes, Rs 1399/-


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